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5 Tips for Creating a Fleet Maintenance Programme in Singapore

5 Tips for Creating a Fleet Maintenance Programme in Singapore

Keeping a forklift business does not stop at the purchasing stage. Good fleet maintenance, or keeping your machines in good condition to ensure that they are safe for use, is a way to ensure the longevity of both your equipment and your company in Singapore. To give you a better understanding of how to develop an effective fleet maintenance programme, we’ve put together 5 easy tips to start with.


  • Understanding the ins and outs of your fleet maintenance. This includes things like how much it costs and how long the downtimes last. Knowing how many days of the week a machine may go inoperable will make it easier to keep track of your business.


  • Learn the difference between scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is preventive and should happen regularly in the form of routine inspections. Unscheduled maintenance usually happens when there are necessary repairs and often leads to downtime. Ideally, you’d like to have more scheduled maintenance to prevent the latter.


  • Draft a checklist of maintenance requirements to make it easier for both you and your suppliers to keep track of scheduled checkups.


  • Involve your employees when creating the programme, especially since they’re the ones spending the most time with your forklifts. Keeping every team member aware and feeling responsible for the programme makes fleet maintenance smoother and more efficient.


  • Keep a paper trail - this includes all relevant records of SMR costs, comprehensive data of your fleet, and the relevant people involved in maintaining them. 


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