Li-On Forklift

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No Pollution

No more exhaust gases, no toxic diesel parti-
cles. Driving diesel trucks under a roof is not
allowed. And in many parts of the world there
are strict laws for cleaner engines to reduce air
pollution. With an electric truck you have no
pollution when driving outside or inside.


Easy maintenance

The electric fork lift powertrain has 80% less
moving parts compared to a combustion engine
truck. Therefore the reliability of an electric
motor is much higher. And our Industry stan-
dard electric fork lift technology allows easy
access and truck diagnosis.


Reduce running costs

Compared to an internal combustion truck we
can save 80% on fuel costs. Just plug and play.
With a battery that can last as long as the truck
itself, you have your life time fuel supply stan-
dard included in the truck.


Chassis design

Without combustion engine and only a small
and light battery package, we do not have to
build the truck around the motor. Instead, we
optimise the design for functionality. The weight
distribution of the truck can be optimised to
increases stability of the truck while reducing
weight of the truck.


No battery worries

Compared to conventional electric counter
balance trucks, the battery is completely hassle
free. The battery is completely sealed and has
no fluids or gases. The BMS battery monitoring
system constantly checks the status of each
cell and assures the longest life time of the



Improved leg space due to optimized design.
There is no engine under the seat and the
battery only needs little space. This allows
much more legroom and driving comfort.


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