Electric Trucks (4-wheel/3-wheel)

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People-friendly and eco-friendly design of this type lift truck allows the operator to work in quite and clean environment. This type of lift truck has a lifting capacity range of 1.0 - 3.0 ton and available in various specifications to meet diversified needs from the work site.

It comes with 3 main categorization. Please click on the link for detailed description of the products.

  • 1.0-2.0t Electric Forklift Trucks (http://www.komatsu.com/ProductInfo/forklift/pdf/BR-AEAM50.pdf)
  • 2.5t- 3.0t Electric  Forklift Trucks (http://www.komatsu.com/ProductInfo/forklift/pdf/FB25_30_12.pdf)
  • 1.3t- 1.8t Electric  Reach Trucks (http://www.komatsu.com/ProductInfo/forklift/pdf/BR-10-18tReach.pdf)





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